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5 Steps to Help Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals in 2015

1. Set really small goals and keep track

The easier the goal, the more likely you are to achieve it. Once you achieve it, the more motivated you will be to keep going. It will be more motivating to achieve losing 2 pounds 10 times than trying to lose 20 pounds. Remember to write down your goals and check on it weekly. And, do not let one bad meal or one bad day or even one bad week stop you.

2. Thirsty or Hungry?

Your mind can mix up the feeling of thirst and hunger. So if you are feeling hungry, you might actually just be thirsty. Drink a glass of water, distract yourself with something and see if that ‘hunger’ stays. If so, treat yourself with a 100 calorie snack. Choose a fruit, a dairy (like a yogurt) or a protein food (like a hard-boiled egg) before anything else.

3. Think “cortisol”

It’s a hormone we release when we are stressed. An elevated level of cortisol can increase cravings for sweets and carbohydrates, which can then lead to overeating and constant hunger. An elevated level also can cause a larger percentage of fat to be stored in the abdominal area. Then that causes more cortisol production, which means even more abdominal fat. Caffeine increases cortisol, so cut out caffeinated drinks, coffee, tea and even chocolate. Getting enough sleep will help too. When we do not get adequate rest, cortisol levels rise, making us feel hungry and less satisfied with the food we do eat.

4. Don’t give up what you love

If you love sweets after your meals, do not eliminate it. Instead, enjoy a SMALL serving after a healthy meal. Eat it slowly. Pay attention. Savor it! That will create more satisfaction.

5. Focus on healthy habits

Focus on health habits rather than a certain number of calories. If you can change habits, weight loss will follow. Convince yourself it really is easy when you need to establish a certain habits. If you think exercise will be hard, it will actually seem that way. Focus on the end result and keep reminding yourself that it is not harder than you can handle.

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