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Our Philosophy

As a proud member of the interdisciplinary medical team, our nutrition consultation firm works diligently alongside physicians, therapists, and family members to address the health needs of our community. Primary care physicians often lack the time and extent of details required to recommend nutritional care. We therefore act to fulfill this gap in a patient’s health care by providing nutrition-centered assessments and treatment strategies.


Given the diverse ethnic population in the greater Los Angeles area, it is vital for our dietitians to be able to offer individualized meal plans and culinary insight according to the client’s cultural background and personal preference. Currently, we have both Asian and Hispanic dietitians on board to serve this purpose. We pride ourselves with diverse team members to serve our diverse community.

We also believe that everyone deserves a chance to receive exceptional nutritional care. We accept most major health insurance plans, including Medicare and local HMO/IPAs and PPOs (see complete list here). The dietitian office visit can be initiated by either the patient or the physician. Once the primary care physician provides a referral, our nutrition consultation firm will take on the proactive role to ensure continual eligibility for our services.

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