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Certified Diabetes Educators are THE Diabetes Experts

We are proud to have not one, but two, Certified Diabetes Educators (CDE) on our team –Catherine Ko, MS, RD, CDE and Hazel Ng, RD, CDE!

What is a CDE?

Healthcare professionals who holds the CDE credential demonstrate comprehensive knowledge and experience in diabetes management, prediabetes, and diabetes prevention. A CDE educates and supports people affected by diabetes to understand and manage the condition. The National Certification Board for Diabetes Educators (NCBDE) awards the CDE to candidates who meet rigorous eligibility requirements, which include a national examination, a discipline criteria, and professional practice experience. The CDE credential is renewed every five years after achieving 1,000 hours of continuing education and counseling. Currently, There are over 19,500 diabetes educators who hold NCBDE certification. In 2016, Catherine Ko, MS, RD, CDE received the credential and in 2018, Hazel Ng, RD, CDE successfully renewed the credential.

How can I see a CDE?

For diabetes, Medicare Part B will cover up to 3 hours of medical nutrition therapy services with a registered dietitian for the first year, and 2 hours of medical nutrition therapy services thereafter. Private insurance coverage varies, therefore, please check with your insurance provider. If you or someone you love have been diagnosed with diabetes or prediabetes, consider making an appointment with a registered dietitian who holds a CDE credential. For more information about SmartEater diabetes management services, please visit our website here.

Interested in learning about weight goal and nutrition needs? Schedule a free body weight and % body fat analysis with Our Smart Eater Dietitians at 626-283-5128 or email to

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